Part 1 – 20 November 2021 – Covid and the pressures on the NHS and its effect on counselling

A guided discussion on the Covid Pandemic and its aftermath, the pressures caused to the NHS and effects on Counselling. We shall look at the direct effects of Covid on the individual including illness, Long Covid, social isolation and bereavement and the changes brought about in the NHS to staff and services and the effects of this on counselling.

Part 2 – 4 December 2021 – Climate Emergency, the Assisted Dying Debate and their relevance to counselling

A guided discussion on two topical issues and their relevance to counselling. This will include the climate emergency, its effect on society and the individual and also the Assisted Dying debate which has become current with the BMA changing to a ’neutral stance’ on assisted dying and the possibility of new legislation in England and the devolved parliaments. We shall look at and discuss the relevance of these topics to Counselling and the issues that might arise.

10am to 1.30pm (including a 1/2 break)
Cost: £30 per session

About the Trainer:
Dr Paul Warren is the Clinical Advisor to ACS. He is a currently retired NHS Consultant General Adult Psychiatrist and continues to work in the medico-legal field. His role was to diagnose and plan treatment for service users with a variety of psychiatric diagnoses and to make decisions as to whether medication, therapy or a combination of both was of most value. In ACS, his role is to assess clients who may have a mental illness that may make counselling difficult or unsuitable and also, at times, to provide reassurance for Supervisors and Counsellors.

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