18 Year Old And Above

Counselling provides a safe environment where you can be heard. Counsellors and their client work together to explore issues and underlying cause in order to achieve a deeper understanding and awareness of their situations.

Regular counselling takes place at the same time every week on a 50 minute session on an on-going basis for as long as both client and counsellor think is beneficial. The cost for the individual counselling is £50 but individual circumstances are taken into account, particularly for those on low income and/or on receipt of benefits.

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16 To 18 Year Old

Counsellors are here to support individuals 16 – 18 year olds with whatever they are going through. You can say whatever you want to someone who will listen without judgement and have a safe place to be heard and respected.

Weekly sessions last for 50 minutes with the same counsellors on the same day and time every week. Cost for per weekly session is £50 down to £15, according to what you can afford.

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People experience all sorts of challenges and difficulties that affect their relationships. Sometimes you will need somebody to help you understand what may be affecting it and help you decide if you want to make any changes in your relationship.

Cost for weekly Couples Counselling is £60 for one hour session.

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