Sometimes life gets too much and you feel that you can’t cope and don’t know who to turn to. We can provide sympathetic, non-judgemental support and space to talk, to help get you through the difficult times.

If you are…

• Feeling lonely, anxious or depressed
• Feeling in need of understanding or support
• Finding it difficult to relate to others
• Going through a crisis such as a marriage break-up or bereavement
• Going through major life changes such as redundancy or retirement

… then you don’t have to face your problems alone, or worry about burdening family and friends.


We are here to help.

At Alton Counselling Service (ACS), we exist to help adults from 16 years and above in Alton and surrounding area that are experiencing emotional, psychological and relationship problems by providing high quality, affordable counselling.



Counselling at ACS gives you an opportunity to explore any problems and issues in a confidential setting, with a counsellor who will listen and help you explore and understand your feelings, thoughts and behaviour.

We can give you the time you need to explore how past problems and issues might be contributing towards your present difficulties.
Counselling doesn’t provide you with easy solutions, but can help you to find your own answers and develop better ways to cope.


Assessment: We start with an introductory session to see whether counselling might help. You will then be offered weekly sessions with a counsellor, or if we are busy you may need to go onto a waiting list. If this is the case, we will give you an indication of how long you might need to wait.

Short-term: We can offer you a series of ten appointments if you have a particular problem you need to focus on.

Open-ended: With open-ended counselling, you and your counsellor can decide when you want to finish.

Appointments: Sessions normally take place between 9am – 7pm on weekdays and last for 50 minutes. Sessions will be at the same time each week and take place at our centre in Alton.



Because we are a not-for-profit organisation and our counsellors give their time for free or at a subsidised rate, we can offer a very cost-effective service, particularly when compared with private practices.

Initial assessment: Sessions cost £50 for up to hour and a half session to be paid prior to the session. Individual circumstances are taken into account, so if you are on receipt of benefits there is a discount offered during booking.

Weekly counselling: Sessions cost £50 for 50 minutes for individual counselling and £60 for couples counselling. Concerned about your ability to pay? We try to agree payments within your means if you have a low income or on receipt of benefits. The amount you pay will be reviewed on an annual basis.